4 Ways to Get You Started With Meditation

For someone just starting out, meditation might seem intimidating. Luckily, once you know the basics, meditation can be practiced essentially anywhere and at any time.

Meditation is the practice of thinking deeply or focusing one’s mind for a period of time. There are many different forms of meditation, and they all share the same goal of bringing about feelings of relaxation and inner peace.

Meditation comes with numerous health benefits, including decreased stress, improved mood, and increased focus and concentration.

1. Explore Different Forms of Meditation

There are many different forms of meditation, including mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, mantra meditation, love and kindness meditation and yoga meditation, among others.

“What I tell my patients is that meditation is like sports. You have to find the type that resonates with you, that you are likely to engage with,” says Mladen Golubic, MD,

“If you like to play soccer and I ask you to play tennis, you will not sustain playing tennis. It’s the same thing with meditation.”

experts suggests reading up on the different styles of meditation and trying a couple that are appealing to you. Once you find the style you prefer, pick a time to try it out.

2. Consider Finding a Certified Instructor

For first-time meditators, Golubic suggests finding an instructor to help you feel comfortable with the practice.

“I think a good idea is to go to medical centers in your community and check with their integrative medicine or psychology department to see if they have [a meditation instructor] on staff or one they could recommend,” he says.

3. Practicing Meditation on Your Own

f you prefer not to go to an instructor or if there are no certified teachers in your community, you can still practice meditation on your own.

There are a number of books, websites, and mobile apps dedicated to meditation. Visit your local library, search YouTube for meditation videos, or download a meditation app.

To get started, try finding a quiet place to comfortably sit or lie down.

ome people choose to light candles or burn incense, but it is up to you how you decide to practice. “The key is that you practice,”

Focus on your breathing and try to quiet your mind. From there, you can either continue to pay attention to your breath, repeat a mantra, or listen to a guided meditation, depending on which style you choose.

4. Practice Mindfulness Anywhere You Are

While the thought of meditation typically summons the image of someone sitting upright with their hands on their knees, their eyes closed, and breathing deeply, this is not the only way to be mindful.

In fact, you can practice mindfulness at any time of the day, anywhere you are.

“Taking out the trash to the curbside, washing the dishes, or brushing your teeth — you can be mindful in any activity and pay attention to what’s happening right here and now,”